Master thesis abroad

The Euroleague for Life Sciences offers the opportunity to gain international experience and develop your scientific skills, by writing your thesis abroad, in one of the leading Life Science universities in Europe. Depending on the university there might be different terms and structures that need to be taken into account. The main supervisor needs to be from your home university, whereas the second can be external.

All informations on terms and strcuture of each ELLS university regarding a Master Thesis are listed below.

General information

Bachelor: The Bachelor’s thesis at BOKU is written in the course „Bachelor’s thesis seminar“, (12 ECTS) of the respective study programme. You have to register for it in BOKUonline.

Master: The Master’s thesis and the PhD thesis at BOKU are not regarded as courses.
Master and PhD students have to search for a topic and a supervisor with a venia docendi (Prof., Assoc.Prof, Priv.-Doz) or an equivalent qualification on their own. Details on the tasks, milestones, responsibilities, key dates and meetings are negotiated with the supervisor. The Master’s thesis seminar, where you also present your thesis, accompanies the master’s thesis work.

Regular BOKU Students

If you are attending a full degree programme at BOKU, you have to follow the guidelines of your programme. Please check the curriculum at the website of your study programme:
General information on the thesis regulations at BOKU:

Exchange students

Exchange students are welcome to work on their thesis, dissertation or project at BOKU, but we ask you to do some research and get in touch with your future BOKU tutor/supervisor in advance. You need to have a (co-)supervisor at BOKU to be accepted.
Further information:

How to find a topic/supervisor

There are 2 options:
1. The institutes/departments announce thesis projects and students apply for it
2. The student has a topic and looks for a supervisor.
For full degree students at BOKU option 1 is more common.

  •  Please check the announcements on the information boards of the institutes/departments and on other pinboards (e.g. in elevators)

For exchange students option 2 is more common:
We recommend that you do not send mass-emails to possible supervisors, but that you contact the Erasmus departmental coordinator – see:





The topics of thesis can be found at this page:;zpet=
You need to select the department and use only English language (otherwise you will get beg number). There are limited numbers of thesis because it is a new system and probably not every thesis was successfully transferred from the previous system.
Please note, they are already defined thesis. The offer for new students is available in intranet, therefore who is not student cannot see them but the offer of a new thesis corresponds with the thesis which were defended.

The Faculty of SCIENCE, University of Copenhagen does not offer pre-packed thesis topics and/or packages. This goes for both Danish and international students.

However, exchange students are able to write and hand in their thesis here at SCIENCE. We have a structure for this called “MSc Research Project for Exchange Students” (worth 30, 45 or 60 ECTS points). The student always has to select a topic in advance and will have to find a supervisor on his/her own.

SCIENCE also offers a smaller individual study project format “Individual Study Project” (worth 7,5, 15 or 22,5 ECTS points). In this case the student also has to selected a topic in advance and will have to find a supervisor on his/her own.

Several options are available, but not yet possible to reach all thesis offers via one entry point.

1. SLU Career
Overall information on degree projects/independent projects at:
On this page you can be further linked to the SLU CareerGate to find topics for thesis offers:
However, not all institutions are yet updating their offers on this page.

2. With ref. to no. 1.

Thesis offers can also be searched on the pages for the institutions/departments presenting information in English under "education":
Some examples:

Thesis offers are organised by the different chair groups of the university. Each chair group has his/her own overview of thesis offers. An overview of our chair groups is available on:

If a student would like to check the available options, they have to visit the above mentioned page, Choose the chair group they are interested in, Choose Education. On this page the information about Thesis offers should be published.
An example is:

Each thesis first needs to be approved of by the exam committee and the students need to attend some compulsory courses before they can start their thesis (also WU students first need to pass those courses, same requirements).

It is important to note that some departments can not offer thesis topics to external students, due to lack of capacity.

Each department at the university collects their proposal for a thesis. 


However, not all institutions/departments are updating their offers on this page. In most of the cases you will need to search also on the pages for the institutions/departments directly:

Some examples: (german) (german) (german)