Semester Exchange - ERASMUS+

If you are interested to study at another ELLS university for one or two semesters you may take part in the ERASMUS+ student exchange programme offered by the EU. All ELLS universities have bilateral contracts and offer several places to students from the ELLS member universities. 

The ERASMUS+ programme offers the possibility of studying abroad in another European country for a period of between 3 and 12 months. You may receive a study grant! And you won't have to pay university fees abroad! In addition, your studies abroad can be recognised at your home university.

ERASMUS+ information and contact addresses at ELLS universities

If you are interested in studying at another ELLS university as an ERASMUS+ student, your home university must nominate you as an ERASMUS+ exchange student.  After nomination you have to follow the Erasmus application procedure of the university where you want to go.

Don't forget to look at the structure of the academic year at your host university. Direct links to the academic calendars of all ELLS universities are given in the table below.

The table below summarises the relevant links for an Erasmus application.
Information for Outgoings: What you have to do at your home university
Information for Incomings: Application procedure at your host university after nomination by your home university

ELLS UniversityInformation for future exchange students

Information for OUTGOINGSInformation for INCOMINGSCourse cataloguePromotion VideoAcademic Calendar
BOKUERASMUS-ApplicationERASMUS at BOKUCourses at BOKUAcademic Calendar at BOKU
SCIENCEERASMUS application procedure (van be only accessed via intranet)Exchange studies at SCIENCECourses at SCIENCE

Academic Calendar at SCIENCE
SLUERASMUS mobility programme ERASMUS information, course guide and application formsCourses at SLUAcademic Calendar at SLU
UHOHERASMUS and ELLSInformation for exchange studentsCourses at UHOHAcademic Calendar at UHOH
Outgoing students
Incoming students
Courses at WURAcademic Calendar at WUR
CULSERASMUS+ - Outgoing studentsERASMUS+ - Incoming studentsCourses at CULSAcademic Calendar at CULS
Incoming students
Courses at WULS-SGGWAcademic Calendar at WULS


Who can participate in ERASMUS+?

In order to participate in the Erasmus+ student exchange scheme, a student must fulfil the following conditions:

  • be enrolled in full time studies at a participating higher education institution leading to a degree or a diploma (including doctoral level) in one of the 32 participating countries (EU 28, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Turkey)

  • to have successfully completed at least the first year of his/her higher education studies (this condition does not apply to work placements).