Semester Exchange with non-European ELLS Partners

In 2013 the ELLS network established partnerships with universities outside of Europe. Hence students have the opportunity to take part in an exchange program at the intrenational partner Universities of ELLS which include

- China Agricultural University (CAU)

- Lincoln University, New Zealand (LU)

- The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment of the Hebrew University  of Jerusalem (HUJI)


Not all ELLS Universities have bilateral agreements with the partner universities yet. Depending on the agreement with your university and the desired partner university,  you won't have to pay university fees abroad! In addition, your studies abroad can be recognised at your home university.

Information and contact addresses at ELLS universities

Don't forget to look at the structure of the academic year at your host university. Direct links to the academic calendars of all ELLS partner universities are listed in the upper right corner of this page.

The table below summarises the relevant links for an study abroad application.
Information for Outgoings: What you have to do at your home university
Information for Incomings: Application procedure at your host university after nomination by your home university.


ELLS Partner UniversityInformation for future exchange students
Information for OUTGOINGSInformation for INCOMINGSCourse catalogueAcademic Calendar
CAUExchange at CAUCourses at CAU

LUExchange programmeInformation, course guide and application formsCourses at LUAcademic Calendar at LU
HUJIApplication procedureInformation for exchange studentsCourses at HUJIAcademic Calendar at HUJI