Case Study Competition

Euroleague for Life Sciences (ELLS) Case Study competition is giving young passionate scientists the chance to apply their studies for a professional case at the rural area of Czech Republic.

The Competition gives you the opportunity to use your theoretical knowledge in a real life problem.You can improve your team management skills within an international team of 7 students by designing solutions and team working. The goal is to demonstrate that students can have a social impact on local communities.



The Case

The territory where the Local Action Group (LAG) Podlipansko operates is situated about 40 minutes southeast from the capital of Prague. The total area of more than 500 m2  contains several rural micro regions. The territory is located in lowlands (altitude 200-450 meters above sea level) and is typified by small communities with just few dozens of people living there, as well as cities such as city of Nymburk with population over 14 thousand citizens. Altogether the territory of LAG Podlipansko has more than 60 thousand people living in there (

The territory of LAG Podlipansko faces many challenges. The Local Action Group (LAG) cooperates with public and private sectors to strengthen the position of local producers and solve many typical problems for rural areas. The main issues concern flood prevention, waste and waste water management, soil erosion, as well as social dimension of the community (e.g. low level of education), LAG also works in terms of shortening food supply chain and supporting sustainability of the territory.

In a village of Klášterní Skalice lives a young man, who recently decided to be a farmer. There is a farm (more than 90 ha) which used to belong to his family many years ago. The young man decided to re-establish the tradition of family farming, but he has almost no experience with farming.

The Facts

This Case Study Competition is designed for students of all ELLS, and partner universities, in any level of the studies, who have already passed university elementary courses of at least 2 years.
Good English language skills are necessary to be able to communicate with all the other members of the team and be able to present the guidelines in front of the committee.

·       3 international teams, each of 7 members.

·       Real life case in rural area of Podlipansko, Czech Republic.

·       Travel costs, accommodation and food will be covered.

The outcome of the teams will be evaluated by a jury consiting of:

·       ELLS fellowship committee

·       Local Action Group representatives

·       Students and teachers voting at the ELLS Scientific Student Conference

When and Where
May 2015Team announcement. The background materials and online platform is introduced to the teams. The work begins.
August 23 to 29, 2015The face-to-face working week in Czech Republic (visiting and studying the territory).
September 2015Elaboration of the outcome proposal (farm development project/report).
November 14, 2015Presentation at the ELLS Scientific Student Conference 2015, Prague

The Case Study Competition takes place at the Czech University of Life Sciences, Prague, and in the territory of LAG Podlipansko. The teams will visit the area of the Local Action Group, Podlipansko, situated southeast from Prague, and the village of Klášterní Skalice to get the information and data for their reports.

Teamwork and Output

This Case Study Competition requires the students of all ELLS and partner universities, which includes applicants from 7 European countries. International cooperation and teamwork will be necessary to succeed.

The teams will be announced online and will start working together on the online working space and online communication channels. There will be one week intensive face-to-face meeting arranged in Prague and the area of Podlipansko, in August 23rd to 29th 2015. But the teams will meet once more, at the ELLS Scientific Student Conference in Prague in November 2015.

The challenge of each team is to provide recommendations for the future development of the farm, and the territory of Local Action Group Podlipansko. The guidelines will be presented at the ELLS Scientific Student Conference 2015, as an oral presentation, a poster and a written report.

Apply with your CV, motivation letter and the Transcript of Records until the 10 th of May 2015!

The application begins at 1st of April 2015, and the deadline is 10 th of May 2015 – 23:59 pm.



Travel costs, accommodation and food will be covered.

The Prize

1400 EUR prize for the winning team.