MSc in Animal Breeding and Genetics

The European Master in Animal Breeding and Genetics (EMABG) is a 2-year Master course that focuses on capacity building in animal breeding and genetics. The EMABG course is offered jointly by five European universities with strong, complementary teaching and research in animal breeding and genetics. Students benefit from mobility between universities by studying in two host universities which gives them an international experience and enhances their international network.

The EMABG provides students ready to work for breeding organisations and research. The education is adapted to a European perspective to the demands of society. This means that students will be ready to work for European animal breeding organisations which are the world leaders with global market shares up to 90%. Furthermore, EMABG teaches students about the development of sustainable farm animal breeding. Graduates generally find positions in and outside Europe, in training, research or development in a wide range of organisations related to animal breeding and genetics.